"I HATE Budgeting (But I Like Having Money)" group

The "I Hate Budgeting (But I Like Having Money)" support group will meet Saturday, June 3 10:30am-noon for a discussion about "Drop the Judgment, Nurture Discernment."

 We'll meet upstairs at Dog Ears Bookstore & Cafe 688 Abbott Road, Buffalo.

$10pp suggested amount (all are welcome) due at event.

Space is very limited. Please RSVP ASAP 430-1634. 


While budgeting seems to be about setting limits, it will set you free, but you don't know that ...yet.

Do you feel like you work hard but don't have much to show for it? 

 Do you want to start saving money but never seem to get around to it?

Is worrying about money keeping you up at night?

The thing about finances is they don't necessarily get better when there's more money coming in.

If you're someone who feels like your money evaporates then having more of it doesn't solve the issue. But having goals, support and structure around your money do.

You are not alone, most people struggle with budgeting, regardless of income. Join us and meet with like-minded individuals who are ready to take control of their finances so they can experience peace and abundance.


You are invited to check out my blog for several articles on how you can learn to love budgeting.

TEDx Buffalo Women Presentation

Here is the link to my TEDx Buffalo Women talk, "The Space Between Our Left and Right Brains Where Financial Decisions Are Made (Or, Not Made)".



Faith & Finances

Are you a person of faith?

Have you ever felt conflicted about money when it comes to your faith? 

Would you like to learn how to make financial decisions that integrate with your belief system?

Please contact me to schedule a time for me to present to your group on "Faith & Finances;" a unique discussion. In addition, you may purchase either or both  of my books (Living Inspired and Financially Empowered: Aligning Our Spiritual and Material Lives and Peace & Abundance: A Workbook-Biblically-Based Inspiration for Better Money Management) at Dog Ears Bookstore or Bender's Christian Bookstore. 

Couple's Retreat for Financial Harmony

If you want to improve or sustain your marriage by improving the financial aspects of life (including goal setting, managing financial resources, making joint decisions & communicating effectively), please contact me at ajlauber@lauberfinancialplanning.com to be added to the invitation list for the next retreat.