"Money is a good servant but a bad master." ~ Aristodemus 

Do you feel overwhelmed by having to make financial decisions?
Are you unsure who you can trust when it comes to money?
 Do you know you need to do something but are unsure where to start? 
 Is now the time for you to learn about and take control over your finances?
If this sounds like you, welcome. 
 Sometimes managing your money is difficult;
there are so many choices and, even though
there is a lot of information,
it's hard to know if any of it is right for you.
In fact, many of my clients
who are engineers or analysts
are hesitant to hire someone else
to help them with their money.
Maybe because they fear being sold
something they don't need or want. 
 I've created a business that 
 caters to those of you who
want to learn more about money
without handing the financial reins
over to someone else.
The financial planning process
coupled with professional, objective 
& holistic financial guidance can help you
 move forward with confidence.

My clients come to me needing answers to the following questions:
How can I budget my money better?
Am I saving enough for retirement?
How should I be investing in my 401(k) plan?
Can we save for retirement and our kids' education? 
When should I start taking Social Security?
Which pension option should I take?
How can I get out of debt?
How can I feel better about money?
We want to stop fighting about money and get on the same page. How can we do that? 

I help people of all levels of income take control of their finances, make good decisions & experience peace & abundance.


Financial planning can help you understand your situation and your options.

I've been in financial services for 22 years, am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional & a New York Registered Investment Advisor. As a fiduciary, I only give you advice that's in your best interest.

I will be your financial advocate.

If you're ready to feel focused, peaceful and abundant, I invite you to schedule a complimentary initial consultation by calling (716) 430-1634 or emailing me by going to the "Let's talk" tab on this website.